01 Dec
We have adopted the NIB Gender Equality Plan (NES NIB)

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We have adopted the NIB Gender Equality Plan (NES NIB)


The National Institute of Biology (NIB) is working towards equal opportunities for both genders regarding their representation in NIB’s bodies, their hiring and subsequent career stages; however, not at the expense of quality, scientific excellence and competitiveness. Within the H2020 CHANGE project (Challenging Gender (In)Equality in Science and Research https://www.change-h2020.eu/),where NIB participates as a partner, the Gender Equality Plan has been developed, and NIB is using it to improve the analysis of the situation, planning, implementation and monitoring gender equality, and of the education of all employees in this area. The goal of the NIB Gender Equality Plan is to prevent and overcome inequalities and gender bias, as well as encouraging gender equality in science and innovation through institutional and cultural changes.

The Gender Equality Plan is a result of joint activities between the researchers involved in the project, and the corporate services unit of NIB. Dr Ana Rotter and Ernesta Grigalionyte–Bembič are NIB’s members of the H2020 Change project research team who developed the organisational structure and content of the NIB Gender Equality Plan.

This means that NIB meets the eligibility criteria for participation in Horizon Europe projects, as the plan has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the European Commission.

The Gender Equality Plan is available at NIB HERE.