Ivano Vascotto

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young researcher


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Areas of interest:

 Phytoplankton ecology

Statistical modelling




I was born on the 22th June 1990 in Trieste, where I lived and studied. I graduated at Guglielmo Oberdan High School and then I proceeded my studies in the University of the Studies of Trieste (UNITS). In 2015 I have complete bachelor studies in Science and Technologies for the Environment and Nature, so my background at this formation level is in natural science. My bachelor final report: Dinamiche a mesoscala di pico-e nanoplancton al largo di Baia Terra Nova (Mare di Ross, Antartide) was the result of the time I spent during a trainee in OGS institute in Trieste. I graduate at Master’ degree level two years later again in Trieste. This time I graduated in Environmental Biology with a thesis titled: Functional redundancy of seagrasses in Mediterranean lagoons: carbon, oxygen and nutrient cycles. My master thesis was conducted in the IFREMER institute of Sete (France) during a mobility period of six month financed by the Erasmus+ program. In October 2018 after a mobility period of six months financed by the FVG’s founding program EURES, I started working as young researcher at the National Institute of Biology. I am conducting here the research work for the PhD program of Eco-technology at the Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School.