Vlado Malačič


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Areas of interest:

Coastal waters dynamics

Physical oceanography of coastal waters






Prof. Dr. Vlado Malacic, Physics graduate, born in 1958 in Koper, Slovenia, is experienced in coastal oceanography and was invoked in national and international field surveys of the Gulf of Trieste (Alpe Adria campaigns, EU project Paloma). He obtained his B. Sc. Degree of physics (general branch) in 1981 and his M. Sc. Degree of mechanics (Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, Ljubljana) in 1989, when he was studying the numerical modeling of 1-D mixed layer models at the University of Liege, Belgium. He obtained his Ph. D. of physics in 1993 (University of Zagreb).


As a physical oceanographer he continuously collaborates with marine biologists at his home institute, and with physical oceanographers at other institutes/universities. In December 2000 he acquired a position of scientific councillor. He was awarded several times by various sponsors to attain summer-schools and workshops on physical oceanography, also by the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste. He was a visiting scientists at Dartmouth College, US (ONR project, head: Prof. B. Cushman-Roisin) and in the Laboratory of Fluid Dynamics (head: Prof. G. J. van Heijst), Faculty of Physics at the University of Eindhoven (Netherlands). Within the last few years period he ran a research project related to numerical modeling of tidal dynamics of the northern Adriatic Sea, and a project related to the small scale dynamics of dispersion of sewage plume in the shallow coastal sea.


He was the head of the Instrumental Centre of MBS and is now in charge for the improvement of the Coastal Oceanographic Station Piran (COSP) that was set up in December 2000. He is guiding the build up of capacities of the National Oceanographic Data Centre, registered at IOC-UNESCO and is running the numerical modeling of coastal dynamics and applied research projects on sewage dispersion from submarine outfalls. He is responsible for the setup of a new laboratory of fluid dynamics with rotating table. His field of future interest is the oceanography of coastal waters and small scale dynamics.


He is the representative of slovenian part in the MedGOOS (Mediterranean Global Ocean Observing System) and MOON (Mediterranean Operational Oceanography Network) observing systems. He was driving the slovenian part of the international ADRICOSM project that comprises cruising and modeling activities, he is engaged in the EU MFSTEP project (modeling of tides in the Adriatic Sea), and runs activities related to operational oceanography. He was driving the EU Phare CBC project that is related to cross-border exchange of data collected with autonomous measurement devices that are placed in the Adriatic Sea (coastal oceanographic buoys). 


Sem odgovoren za postavitev Obalne oceanografske postaje Piran, ki je pričela delovati v letu 2001 in zagotavlja neprekinjen niz podatkov o tokovih in vetrovih nad morjem. Vodim aktivnosti pri postavitvi Nacionalnega oceanografskega podatkovnega centra, numeričnega modeliranja dinamike obalnih voda in  disperzije odplak v morje. Trenutno sem vpleten v pet projektov, nosilec sem štirih (vodja slovenskega dela regionalnega ADRICOSM projekta, vodja slovesnkega dela EU MFSTEP projekta, vodja slovenskega dela EU MAMA projekta, vodja aqplikativnega nacionalnega projekta (Modeliranje plimovanja in cirkulacije v Tržaškem zalivu, L1-5289). 







ISMO - Informacijski Sistem o stanju Morskega Okolja v Tržaškem zalivu

Obalna oceanografska postaja - Piran

PHARE Sistem za neprekinjeno čezmejno izmenjavo ekoloških in oceanografskih podatkov

ADRICOSM - Adriatic sea integrated coastal zone management system

MFSTEP - Mediterranean Forecastin System Toward Environmental Predictions

MAMA - Mediterranean network to Assess and upgrade Monitoring and forecasting Activity in the region. MAMA is a first step of a process aiming at a basin scale cooperation to establish an ocean observing system in the region within the framework of the GOOS-Global Ocean Observing System.

Tsunami na Jadranu - Simulacija širjenja tsunamija, ki bi se generiral zaradi potresnega sunka pred Barom v Črni Gori, kjer je potresno aktivno območje.




Coastal waters dynamics, Physical oceanography of coastal waters






He has also assistant professorship of physics at the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport (University of Ljubljana). 

Tretjinsko dopolnilno delovno razmerje na Fakulteti za pomorstvo in promet, Univerza v Ljubljani, predavatelj dinamike pri predmetu: Mehanika in hidrodinamika, Visokošolski program ladijsko strojništvo. 


He is a member of the Technical Group of Coordinated Adriatic Observing System, the C.I.E.S.M, the American Meteorological Society, the European Geophysical Society, member of the executive board of Slovenian Society of Geodesy and Geophysics, and the member of the board of National Commission of IOC.






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