Assist. Prof. Dr. Metka Novak

Working place: Scientific Associate

Telephone number: +386 (0)59 23 28 81
Department: Department of Genetic Toxicology and Cancer Biology

Scientific expertise

Cancer biochemistry; tumor microenvironment; cancer stem cells; chemokines; biomarkers; natural anti-cancer agents; 3D models for cancer research; new therapies in cancer treatment; brain cancer;



·         PhD (2014), Medical Faculty, PhD Program in Biomedicine, field: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

·         Bachelor degree in Biochemistry (2009), Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, field: Biochemistry, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia


2020-            Scientific Associate, National Institute of Biology, Department of Genetic Toxicology and Cancer Biology, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2018-2020    Research assistant, National Institute of Biology, Department of Genetic Toxicology and Cancer Biology, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2013-2017    Postdoc-Karolinska Institutet, Department of Oncology/Pathology, Karolinska  Biomics Center, Stockholm, Sweden

2009-2013    Junior Researcher – PhD candidate at the National Institute of Chemistry, Laboratory for Molecular Biology and Nanobiotechnology, Ljubljana, Slovenia (supervisor: Prof. Radovan Komel, PhD)

2011-2012    PhD research cooperation at Bohlmann lab, Michael Smith Laboratories, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada (supervisor: Prof. Joerg Bohlmann, PhD)

2007-2009    Research Associate at the National Institute of Chemistry, Laboratory for biosynthesis and biotransformation, Pharmaceutical Company Lek, d.d., Biopharmaceuticals, Recombinant Biotechnology, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Research projects

ARRS research programme P1-0245 »Ecotoxicology, toxicogenomics and carcinogenesis«, National Institute of biology, Ljubljana, Slovenia, PI prof. Tamara Lah Turnšek, webpage (2019-2024)

Project of European Programme of Cross-Border Cooperation for Slovenia-Italy (Interreg) TRANS-GLIOMA “New Therapies of glioblastoma based on cross-border translation research platform”, PI prof. Radovan Komel, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana, webpage:, (2017-2020)

Post-doctoral program founded by the Swedish Cancer Society. Analysis of Ephrin/Eph receptor signaling networks in lung cancer (2013-2017)

TRIA Project, Mountain Pine Beetle System Genomics, Vancouver, Canada 2011-2012

Cytochromes P450 from blue-stain fungi involved in monoterpene biotransformation (2009-2013)

Fungal cytochromes P450, involved in detoxification of plant defense compounds, as targets for new antifungal drugs (ARRS, J4-2212, 2009-2012)

Functional genomics and biotechnology for health (ARRS, P1-0104, 2009-2014)

The role of cytochrome P450 in mycotoxin biosynthesis and virulence of the pathogenic fungus Aspergillus fumigatus (ARRS, Z3 3660, 2010-2013)

 Teaching experineces

·         Elected assistant in the field of Biochemistry, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

·         Teacher of laboratory practical courses Cancer Biology at Biotechnical Faculty UL, Slovenia

·         Co-supervisor of bachelor’s, master’s  and PhD’s thesis



·         COBISS       




Member of the Slovenian Biochemical Society, member of IASLC (International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer), member of AACR (American Association for Cancer Research)