Project Office

Project Office

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The NIB Project Office is a central point for comprehensive information, advice and administrative support for NIB researchers in planning, applying for, implementing and monitoring projects.

In order to provide efficient and comprehensive project support, the Project Office works closely with project offices and staff at the level of organizational units or departments, project managers, heads of organizational units (departments), heads of work units and other Corporate services staff e.g. the Accounting Department, the Legal Department, the Human Resources Department, the Public Relations Department, the Library, the Technology Transfer Office and the NIB Management.

Project Office:
  • Supports the management of NIB in decision making and strategic direction in the area of research activities;
  • informs researchers about current calls for proposals and other information relevant to obtaining funding for research projects;
  • cooperates with key stakeholders (national contact points / individuals) in the field of research and innovation;
  • offers support in finding and establishing suitable contacts, partnerships and networks in the national, regional and international environment;
  • Provides professional support at all stages of the project application process: searching for a suitable source of funding, assessing the suitability of the project idea, assisting in the design and formulation of the project application, including the financial and administrative review of the application, monitoring the application until approval, assisting in the preparation of framework and consortium agreements and other relevant documentation, monitoring the financial and administrative aspects of project implementation, assisting in project closure and the preparation of reports;
  • Participates (provides support) in the preparation of analyzes and performance reports of implemented projects;
  • Participates (provides support) in the preparation of information on projects for the information of the interested public;
  • organizes and conducts internal training, workshops and consultations in the field of project management and individual tenders;
  • takes care of the organization and archiving of project documentation and related lists and records of projects
  • participates in the preparation and production of information on projects (completed and ongoing) on the website NIB:

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Project Office works closely with the Technology Transfer Office 

Members of the Corporate Services Project Office:
Damjana Miklič Milek, PhD, Head of Project Office,
Martina Tekavec Bembič, MSc.,
Helena Končar,
Mira Metljak,
Jure Vindišar, MSc.

Coworkers at the Research Departments:
Andreja Jerebic and Jadranka Jenko, Department of Organisms and Ecosystems Research,
Ana Mihevc, Sonja Zadravec and Brigita Jamnik, Department of Biotechnology and Systems Biology,
Gašper Polajnar, MSc. and Anja Sergaš, Marine Biology Station Piran,
Karmen Stanič, Tanja Geršak and Mojca Drobnič, Department of Genetic Toxicology and Cancer Biology.

We provide full support to researchers in discovering the secrets of nature from molecules to organisms and ecosystems and transfer of this knowledge to use with the intention of improving the quality of life, of supporting the environmental policy, and of development in biotechnology.