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The purpose of the investment project BTH-NIB is the assurance of the appropriate infrastructural conditions for the use of research and developmental opportunities in the fields of operation of the NIB.

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12 Feb
Forecasting surface currents in the Gulf of Trieste

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The Marine Biology Station Piran of the National Institute of Biology, in collaboration with the Slovenian Environment Agency, has developed a high-resolution model for predicting surface currents in the Gulf of Trieste as part of the Mercator Ocean Copernicus Marine User Engagement project.

The online display provides hourly forecasts of the distribution of surface currents in the Gulf of Trieste for two days in advance and compares them with the latest HF radar measurements. The new model takes into account the predicted weather conditions of the ALADIN/SI model (ARSO), the tidal conditions and the predicted river flows. The results of the daily run are available between 12:00 and 13:00 local time. The model results complement the radar measurements in case of limited coverage or data outages and in particular provide information on the expected currents over the next two days. The model results will be helpful for mariners, divers, sea rescue and tracking possible pollutant discharges into the sea.

Website showing the currents with a more detailed description

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