Biotechnological Hub of the NIB (BTH-NIB)

The purpose of the investment project BTH-NIB is the assurance of the appropriate infrastructural conditions for the use of research and developmental opportunities in the fields of operation of the NIB.

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Project coordinator: Regional agency for the protection of the Ligurian environment (ARPA)

Duration: 1.10. 2021 - 30. 9. 2025


Conservation and re-stocking of the Pinna nobilis in the western Mediterranean and Adriatic sea

dr. Domen Trkov,, 059 232 937 in dr. Valentina Pitacco, , 059 232 920 

Lead partner: Regional agency for the protection of the Ligurian environment (ARPA)

The project is based on the research of the recovery of the populations of the noble pen shell (Pinna nobilis) in the Mediterranean. The aim of the project is the conservation of the noble pen shell in the Western Mediterranean and the Adriatic Sea. This will be achieved through the implementation of specific conservation measures for this species and the recolonization of pilot areas with the possibility of translocation to other areas. The project is divided into 3 parts. In the first part of the project, we will study the pathogens that cause the death of the noble pen shells and their presence in the environment in order to select the right areas for the reintroduction of the noble pen shell. In the second part, we will use genetics to determine which specimens of surviving noble pen shells are best suited for further reproduction. In the third part, we will examine the most appropriate methods for restoring noble pen shell populations.