Biotechnological Hub of the NIB (BTH-NIB)

The purpose of the investment project BTH-NIB is the assurance of the appropriate infrastructural conditions for the use of research and developmental opportunities in the fields of operation of the NIB.

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Project coordinator: Matjaž Bedjanič, PhD

Code: LIFE17 IPE/SI/000011

Duration: 5.9.2018 – 31.12.2026

LIFE integrated project for enhanced management of Natura 2000 in Slovenia (LIFE-IP NATURA.SI) is a strategic nature conservation project LIFE, involving 15 partners and managed by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning. The main objective of the project is to improve the management of Natura 2000 sites and the conservation status of selected endangered species and habitat types in Slovenia. NIB EKOS participates in the project with expert knowledge on birds, beetles, crayfish, dragonflies, reptiles and their habitats in a wide range of activities.

Project activities of LIFE-IP NATURA.SI include field and laboratory research to improve knowledge of selected Natura 2000 species and sites, preparation of content for enhanced implementation of management programs, preparation of concrete conservation measures in pilot areas, establishment of more effective monitoring and a long-term national monitoring scheme, raising public awareness of Natura 2000 and many more. Key to the project is improved cooperation between different sectors and stakeholders, regular communication between policy makers and research institutions, and cooperation with landowners, volunteers and NGOs.

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Funding: the LIFE integrated project for enhanced management of Natura 2000 in Slovenia (LIFE17 IPE/SI/000011) is co-funded by the European Union through the LIFE program, the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning of Slovenia, and partners.