Public Information Catalogue

Public Information Catalogue

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The Catalogue of Public Information holds basic details on the Public Research Institute 'The National Institute of Biology' (abbreviated NIB), on its activities, on the information it provides, and on the legal and regulatory rules governing the operations of the Institute.  

Title of the Public Research Institute: National Institute of Biology, NIB
Official Person in charge: Assoc. Prof. Matjaž Kuntner, PhD, Director
Contact Person for Public Information: Helena Končar, Organisation and Business Operations Associate, Public Relations
Telephone:   +386 (0)59 232 702, +386 (0)59 232 701
Fax:                +386 (0)59 232 715

Date of Catalogue first issue: 28 June 2006
Date of last changes made: 1 March 2018

The Catalogue is also available in electronic form at the internet site address:

Physical access
Access to information in person is granted at the Head Offices of the Institute:

National Institute of Biology
Večna pot 111
SI-1000 Ljubljana

In case of requests for information in printed form or on other media, you will be charged the necessary costs in accordance with the Regulation on transmission and re-use of public information.

General information about NIB

The National Institute of Biology has been in operation since 1960. It is a public research Institute which the Republic of Slovenia established with the intention of creating new (fundamental) knowledge in the field of biology and related sciences and its transmission to the application for improving the quality of life (the enrichment of life on Earth).

General Information about the Institute

Founder: Government of the Republic of Slovenia
NIB Organization 
Organisational Units

Contact person for access to public information

Helena Končar, assistant for organisation and business operations