Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jana Žel EX_EMPLOYEES

Working place: Scientific Counsellor, Head of Work Unit

Department: Department of Biotechnology and Systems Biology

Research interests:  Always something new and challenging

My research work started on mycorrhizae, especially in connection with aluminium (diploma, doctoral thesis). Master thesis and post-Ph.D. research concerned different plant tissue cultures, from micropropagation of recalcitrant species, to research on the involvement of plant growth regulators on organogenesis of different plant species in tissue culture and on protoplast cultures. Work continued on the transformation of plants and production of secondary metabolites. Recently I am mostly focused on detection of GMOs and plant transformation.


GMO detection

I am heading for many years the activities on GMOs, including National Reference Laboratory for GMO detection. Research was especially focused on development of methods for GMO detection and establishment of the accredited laboratory for GMOs detection, which became internationally recognized by high quality research work as well as initiatives on international harmonization of GMO detection.


Plant transformation

Plant transformation is mostly used for functional analyses of genes identified to be potentially important in response of plants to biotic and abiotic stress. Knowledge gained in quickly developing field of GMO research is important for potential application and on the other hand for better knowledge of GMOs used also for their detection.


Pedagogical work: The young are the future

Work with students is always challenging and pleasant. Therefore I hold Plant biotechnology undergraduate and post-graduate courses. I supervised many diploma, master and doctoral thesis. I enjoy my work also because I have a lot of very pleasant and enthusiastic people around me.

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