10 Feb
The National Institute of biology has been researching "All that is alive" for 60 years

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The National Institute of biology has been researching "All that is alive" for 60 years


Ljubljana, 6th February 2020 – In the International year of the plant health, the National Institute celebrates 60 years of research and creation of knowledge in the field of biology and related natural sciences, sciences about the living, and the environment. We will organize a series of events intended for the broad public.

Since 1960 when the Institute for Biology of the University of Ljubljana was founded until today, the National Institute of Biology (NIB) has walked a long and interesting path. Today, it unites four research units with 157 employees in Ljubljana and Piran in total. The NIB follows the goal to become the leading center for the basic and applicative research of biological and related natural sciences not only in Slovenia but also in the broader region. In order to mark the 60th anniversary of its existence, it is preparing a series of interesting events through the year 2020.

 “Current social changes, connected with a drastic decrease of biodiversity, climate changes, pollution, and toxic substances, inappropriate supply with drinkable water, exaggerated fishing of marine organisms, the appearance of bioterrorism, and also pandemics of unimagined dimensions, actualize and influence the context of the research of our institute exceptionally,” told Matjaž Kuntner, Ph.D., the director of the National Institute of Biology (NIB) and added: “The NIB wishes to be a part of the solution. By proactive inclusion of our knowledge, we wish to support decision-makers in the field of understanding of nature and the human role in it. 157 well-motivated and trained scientific and professional workers of the institute is the essential human resource that enables international prominence of the research groups. We understand our contribution to the development of knowledge and thus the welfare of Slovenia and Europe as an important human value and mission at the same time.”

Professional support to the ministers in the preparation of the environmental and agricultural legislation and also in the implementation of the EU directives and international conventions is an important task of the NIB. The institute enables universal availability and the use of knowledge in the society and in the economy, the transfer of different research achievements in the practice, popularization of science, spreading scientific culture, and informing the public.

Celebrity academy and the central event at the 60th anniversary of the NIB will be on the 18th of November 2020. Until then, numerous current events will take place. They will invite to the discussion, activate, and empower the general public interested in nature and environment with knowledge. We cannot announce two of the planned events at the moment. However, they will delineate further development of the institute very concretely.

We invite you to follow us through our events in 2020. You can see the events here.

On the 18th of February 2020 at 13.30, there will be an event in the small hall of the National Assembly. It will mark the International year of plant health 2020 and the operations of the first EU referential laboratories at the National Institute of Biology. The event which will host internationally renowned experts from the EU will be prepared in cooperation with the National Assembly and the Administration for Food Safety, Veterinary Sector and Plant Protection.
We will notify you about the event in the following days.   

More information:
Katja Ploj
Tel: 059 232 701
Email: katja.ploj@@nib.si