23 Mar
The NIB ensures undisturbed business conduct by working at home

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Dear Sir or Madam,

In accordance with the care to make sure that the virus is contained and with regards to the directives and measures of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, we, the NIB, ensure undisturbed business conduct by working at home. We formed a Crisis Committee which made a plan for undisturbed work and which constantly follows the situation at the NIB and in Slovenia.

For emergencies, we are available at the hotline mobile telephone numbers: 040 885 144 (Maja) and 040 320 516 (Katja).

For emergency deliveries, please call the following telephone numbers:

-    The Department of Biotechnology and Systems Biology – hotline telephone: Manca (031 670 335) and Sonja (031 229 239)                       
-    The Department of Organisms and Ecosystems Research – hotline telephone: Andreja (040 427 605)
-    The Department of Genetic Toxicology and Cancer Biology – hotline telephone: Martina (041 814 822) and Karmen (031 350 848)
-    The Marine Biology Station Piran – hotline telephone: Tadej (031 300 185 – for deliveries) and Gašper (051 655 356 – for general information)

If the meeting cannot be postponed due to the delivery of samples or goods, we kindly ask you to obey the following measures:
-  We do not shake hands.
-  We take care of the hygiene of hands.
-  We maintain the appropriate distance (the experts suggest at least 1.5 m),
- In the time of delivery and handing over the samples, we use gloves and a mask.

We encourage you to perform the meetings or coordination of the projects via the telephone or other tools for group communication (Skype, GoToMeeting, Zoom or similar) and to adapt the communication to the situation as much as possible.

In a desire to live through this time as constructively as possible and with so little troubles as possible when our time is marked by this huge medical challenge, we wish you all the best.

Assoc. Prof. Matjaž Kuntner, Ph.D., Director