09 May
A new scientific monograph "Izzivi razvoja ribištva v Sloveniji"

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A new scientific monograph Izzivi razvoja ribištva v Sloveniji

A scientific monograph Izzivi razvoja ribištva v Sloveniji, written by Alex Mavrič, Štefan Bojnec and Andreja Ramšak, is published. The authors investigated various aspects and segments of the fish market in Slovenia, from fishing to traceability in the fish market.

The results of the interviews are presented and give an insight into a number of problems and possible solutions as foreseen by different stakeholders involved in the fish market. The study concludes with a presentation of the findings on the fish market, possible directions and implications for the development of the fish market. Considering the problems identified, suggestions are also made for improving the situation of fisheries and the fish market in Slovenia. The survey has produced some important findings, such as: Slovenian consumers eat much less fish compared to other EU Member States, the level of awareness of fishery products is low and awareness-raising activities are too short-term oriented to make a difference. All activities related to the fish market need to reduce environmental impacts, which will contribute to the conservation of fisheries resources in natural waters.

The results described in the monograph were obtained within the framework of the project " DNA based technology for fraud detection in fishery products with socioeconomic impact assessment” (project code V1-1808, MIZŠ and ARRS)". The publication of the monograph was financially supported by ARRS under the 2021 call for co-funding of scientific monographs and published by the University of Primorska Press. The book is available at https://doi.org/10.26493/978-961-293-114-8 .