SMS: Sensing toxicants in Marine waters makes Sense using biosensors

Project coordinator: dr. Nives Kovač

Code: FP7

Duration: 1. 12. 2013 - 31. 8. 2017

SMS will deliver a novel automated networked system that will enable real-time in situ monitoring of marine water chemical and ecological status in coastal areas by the detection of a series of contaminants regulated by the MSFD. SMS will design a multi-modular apparatus that will host in a single unit—the Main Box (MB)—a Sampling Module and an Analysis Module
Type of funding scheme: Collaborative Project 
Work programme topics addressed: FP7-OCEAN 2013.1 – Biosensors for real time monitoring of biohazard and man-made chemical contaminants in the marine environment
Participants: 10 participants from Italy, Spain, Sweden, Greece, Morocco, France, Belgium
Name of the coordinating person: Prof. Giuseppe Palleschi