• Open doors day 2017
    Open doors day 2017
    In occasion of World oceans day 2017 we invite you to celebrate
    with us Open doors day at the Marine Biology Station Piran of
    the National Institute of Biology on Friday 2nd June 2017.
  • 52 EMBS
    52 EMBS

Services and products

  • Agriculture Industry Services

    National Institute of Biology is authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment to perform defined tasks of public service for the protection of plants.

  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry Services

    We offer bioanalytical laboratory support, toxicology studies, genetic toxicology testing of different samples, residual DNA detection, improvements of production lines through systems biology, and cotoxicology studies.

  • Research equipment

    The big research equipment is used as support to our research and educational activities and serves technological development in co-operation with commercial enterprises.

  • Training and Related Services

    We offer hands on training, consulting and technical auditing, development of protocols and workflows, organization of workshops.

  • Mutagenicity analysis under GLP

    On the NIB we have certified GLP laboratory for testing mutagenicity with bacterial reverse mutation assay, or the Ames test (OECD 471).

13 Feb


The slogans of this year’s Students’ Conference are: interesting, comprehensible and professional. 
10 Feb

Organisation of COST Action FA1405 'Crop-Arthropod-Microbe (CAMo) interactions' Annual Meeting and Systems Biology Training School in Ljubljana

The Department of Biotechnology and Systems Biology of the National Institute of Biology has hosted the COST Action FA1405 Annual Meeting and Systems Biology Training School from January 31st until February 2nd.