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We are especially proud of our 2 products:

underwater ski cam


remote controlled research boat Čigra.


Remote boat Čigra (Tern) is a new product on the market, which is intended for the rapid measurement of temperature and conductivity in the surface layer of water.


Temperature anomalies and variations in conductivity (salinity) on the surface are mostly due to municipal discharges, therefore Čigra is ideal for:

- detection of point sources of pollution

- tracking of contaminated water and

- determination of its spatial distribution across the surface of water bodies.


It is suitable for measurements in lakes, water wells, calm rivers and the sea


Čigra is connected to a computer, which allows continuous monitoring of the exact position, measurements of quantities and battery status via the diagrams on the screen

With the corresponding software the results of the measurements can be presented with illustrative images (e.g. measurements in front of the Marine Biology Station in Piran), which clearly show the distribution of temperature and conductivity in the surface layer of water and ship track (yellow dots).

Measurements in front of the Marine Biology Station in Piran - temperature

Measurements in front of the Marine Biology Station in Piran - conductivity

It is also possible to install additional sensors on Čigra to perform specific measurements upon request.


Čigra is a small, compact and lightweight boat, easy to manage and transport.

Due to the carefully designed shape the boat pushes away surface water and does not cut into the underlying layers, so sampling always includes only a few centimeters of surface water

Inlet ports of the JET drives, after which the surface water also reaches the measuring sensors, are protected by nets to prevent the ingress of dirt into the turbine, thus allowing smooth operation of the vessel.

Sensors are placed in a special glass chamber at the bottom of the vessel. For pumping water past the sensor does not require additional pump, for this purpose a vacuum created in front of the turbine is used. 

Due to the continuous circulation of water past the sensors, also sampling at a rate of 10 measurements per second is carried out continuously. 

Each sample contains a record of temperature, conductivity, time, and DGPS position of the vessel, which guarantees precise temporal and spatial monitoring of the ship track.


Čigra was tested by measurements on a wide variety of areas, both in fresh water, such as in marine lagoon (Stjuža, Strunjan) and at sea.Measurements were also made in Sečovlje Salina, in the channel Pichetto. The results of these measurements have been published on the website:

Measurements in Pichetto channel (Sečovlje Salina) - temperature

Measurements in Pichetto channel (Sečovlje Salina) - conductivity

Measurements in Pichetto channel (Sečovlje Salina) - salinity

Measurements in Pichetto channel (Sečovlje Salina) - density


Technical Specifications:


The dimensions of the boat:

- length: 1,310 m

- weight: 9 kg



- 2 engine: SPEED 700 BB TURBO

 - engine power: 150 W x 2

 - drive: JET propulsions




 - refresh rate up to 100 Hz

- the accuracy of the positions up to 10 cm


Temperature sensor:

- error < 0,01 °C

- response time: 7 ms

- measuring range: from -10 to 100 °C


Conductivity meter:

- error < 1 %

- time response of the probe: 2 ms

- measuring range: from 0,5 to 800 mS/cm


Measuring interface:

- data acquisition with 14-bit AD converter

- the absolute accuracy of data capture: better than 1 ‰



- processor: Intel ATOM N450

- 1 GB of memory

- 250 GB hard drive

- Battery life: at least 1 h


Remote control:

- range: 4000 m

- frequency: 2,4 GHz