TRECORALA: Rocky outcrops and coralligenous formations in the North Adriatic: enhancement and sustainable management in the Gulf of Trieste

Project leader: dr. Martina Orlando Bonaca

Code: Cross-border Cooperation Programme Slovenia - Italy

Duration: 14.10.2012 - 30.4.2015


TRECORALA is a project aimed at improving knowledge and sustainable management of underwater reefs, rock formations, which lie along the northern Adriatic coast and represent unique nature reserves.

The purpose of the project TRECORALA is, through a variety of scientific research and the close involvement of local authorities and civic associations, to deepen the knowledge about underwater reefs.

The project raises the following objectives:

• to assess the environmental status (GES) of underwater reefs, which are important for the conservation of biodiversity;

• to assess fishing activities; • to offer new proposals for the sustainable management of certain resources;

• to offer new opportunities for tourism development with the active participation of local authorities and civil societies;

• to communicate project results and new knowledge to the laic public.


The project TRECORALA will support the development of a better "environmental awareness" of the professional and laic public. Last but not least, the results of the project will contribute to an integrated and sustainable management of the environment.