Strong wind blows new records

Strong wind blows new records


New data, close to historical records were recorded due to yesterday's weather:

  • Wind speed (including the half hour average) is close to record values. Bora wind gusts were above 30 m/s as recorded on our oceanographic buoy Vida. The highest wind gust was recorded on 6.2.2015 between 3:45 and 4:00 blowing at 31,46 m/s, with the direction of 98,31 degrees. At that time the meb wind speed was 21,58 m/s with the direction of 100,06 degrees.


  • Waves height peaked over 4 m ( 4 s period), which is close to record values. The highest waves height was 4,1 m, recorded on 6.2.2015 between 3:30 iand 4:00. At that time the mean waves height was 2,2 m, the direction 51,4 and period of 4,5 s.


  • When wind changed the direction from ERNE to ESE (east-south east) air temperature rose for around 1,5 °C. This transient mild temperature increase is connected with the eastern current flow into the Gulf of Trieste, present at all depths. Water mass is flowing from the central part of the Northern Adriatic. Unlike the events from three years ago when bora winds persisted for weeks, a considerable decrease of water temperature was not recorded this time.









You are invited to check out our buoy time series data using this link.