SeaDataNet II


SeaDataNet II: Pan-European infrastructure for ocean and marine data Management


Project leader: dr. Branko Čermelj


Code: FP7


Duration: 1.10.2011 - 30.9.2015


SeaDataNet is actively operating and further developing a Pan-European infrastructure for managing, indexing and providing access to ocean and marine environmental data sets and data products (e.g. physical, chemical, geological, bathymetric and biological properties) and for safeguarding a long term archival and stewardship of these data sets. Data are derived from many different sensors installed on board of research vessels, satellites and in-situ platforms, that are part of the various ocean and marine observing systems. Data resources are quality controlled and managed at distributed data centres, that are interconnected by SeaDataNet infrastructure and accessible for users through a central portal.


Discovery and viewing services


SeaDataNet maintains pan-European discovery services with overviews of marine organisations in Europe and their engagement in marine research projects, managing large datasets, and data acquisition by research vessels and monitoring programmes for the European seas and global oceans:


• European Directory of Marine Organisations (EDMO)

• European Directory of Marine Environmental Data (EDMED)

• European Directory of Marine Environmental Research Projects (EDMERP)

• Cruise Summary Reports (CSR)

• European Directory of Oceanographic Observing Systems (EDIOS)

• Common Data Index (CDI)