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Senior Research Associate


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Areas of interest:

Marine biotechnology


Science communication





Since March 2014: researcher at the Marine Biology Station. Research area: statistics – time series, network analysis, statistics, science communication, project management, marine biotechnology


Since June 2011: postdoctoral researcher at the Department of biotechnology and systems biology. Research area: systems biology, statistics, network analysis, bioinformatics


2005 – May 2011: young researcher on statistics at the National Institute of Biology, Department of biotechnology and systems biology. Doctoral dissertation: »Development and implementation of systems biology tools: a case study of plant physiology data analysis«. Supervisor: prof. dr. Kristina Gruden, co-supervisor prof. dr. Andrej Blejec.


Since 2004: University of Ljubljana, Postgraduate study of statistics


2004 – 2005: employed in fish industry Delamaris d.d., where I worked in the quality control group and later also in the Division for environment and hygene. I implemented and applied environmental testings, monitored the waste water treatment and organized environmental reports as well as monitorings required by law


1996 – 2002: University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, interdisciplinary Microbiology programme. Diploma title: »Toxinotypization of Clostridium difficile strains from different countries«. We investigated if different C.difficile toxinotypes occur in different countries and which toxinotypes are prevalent in certain countries. The presence of the binary toxin in different samples was also assessed. Date of defence: 10.10.2002, supervisor: prof. dr. Maja Rupnik


1992 – 1996: Gimnazija Koper


 Born April 78.






- Björn Usadel, Max Planck Golm, Germany. Collaboration was done in 2005 on the field of using bioinformatics with plant gene ontology 

- Cornelis J. (Ron) van Noorden, AMC (Academisch Medisch Centrum) Amsterdam, the Netherlands on the field of biological interpretation of statistical analysis results – oncology. Collaboration started in 2011 and is still ongoing




In 2011 I won the national award L'Oreal »For women in science«


I am the trade union representative for SVIZ-NIB, covering the rights and duties for around 40 % of NIB personnel. 



ARRS (Slovene research council) projects:




EU projects



GoJelly: A gelatinous solution to plastic pollution (LEADER OF WORK PACKAGES 4 AND 9)


January 2018 – December 2021


CHANGE: CHAlleNging Gender (In)Equality in science and research (LEADER OF WORK PACKAGE 3)


May 2018 – April 2022


Cytothreat: Fate and effects of cytostatic pharmaceuticals in the environment and identification of biomarkers for an improved risk assessment on environmental exposure. January 2011 – January 2015


BALMAS: Ballast water management system for Adriatic sea protection. November 2013 – March 2016


COST network actions:


Ocean4Biotech: European transdisciplinary networking platform for marine biotechnology (ACTION MAIN PROPOSER)


October 2019 – September 2023


DNAqua-Net: Developing new genetic tools for bioassessment of aquatic ecosystems in Europe (COMMUNICATION OFFICER)


genderSTE: gender, science, technology and environment (


November 2012 – November 2016







- Biostatistics, experimental design, data analysis, counseling, bioinformatics, network analysis, databases, transcriptomics, MapMan


- I would like to know and use in practice as many classical statistical tools as possible. Here I mostly use the R, as for its wide usability spectra for statistical analyses but also because of its attractive visualization. I am interested in systems biology. My big ambition is to become a good analyst in the network biology area.


- I have discovered the importance and need for science communication; inside scientific fields, between fields, but most importantly our duty as scientists is to communicate our work with the general public and policy makers. I have attended several trainings on the topic and pass on the acquired knowledge. In the GoJelly project I am leading the work package of communication and outreach, while in the COST Action DNAqua-Net I am the communication officer.


- I am becoming acquainted with the issues regarding gender balance in science. For this reason I visited Norway in the period between September 2013 – October 2013 in order to compare the northern practice with the southern one. In general, there is unfortunately the so-called »sticky floors« and »glass ceilings« for women, who, compared with our male counterparts, climb the carrier ladder more slowly. I would like to inform my colleagues, male and female, about this unequal status. 







- reviewer for Bioinformatics, BMC Bioinformatics, OMICS, Plant Physiology









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Microplastic pollution: a thriller with many leading roles and an unknown ending. Supplementary table 1

Microplastic pollution: a thriller with many leading roles and an unknown ending. Supplementary table 2



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