Matjaž Ličer


scientific associate


Tajništvo MBP

E-mail address:

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Areas of interest:

Operational physical oceanography

Mathematical modelling of pollutant spreading in marine environmets

Multi-way coupled numerical modelling chains




2003: BSc (Physics) from University of Ljubljana: "Investigation of Localized Hole States in Doped DNA using Photoinduced IR and Raman Spectroscopy". Advisors: prof. dr. Dragan Mihailović, dr. Aleš Omerzu


2009: PhD (Physics) from University of Ljubljana: "Polyelectrolyte-Mediated Interactions in Columnar DNA Phases". Advisor: prof. dr. Rudolf Podgornik


2016: PhD (Philosophy) from Graduate School of Scientific Research Centre at Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts: "Being, Appearance and Time in Alain Badiou's Philosophy". Advisor: prof. dr. Rado Riha





 I am currently working in a group performing a multidirectionally coupled modelling chain, containing atmospheric, wave, ocean and hydrological models. These efforts are done in collaboration with Environment Agency of Republic of Slovenia and Ocean Physics And Modelling Group at Division of Environmental Physics at the University of Athens. I am part of a group setting a high frequency radar system for measuring surface currents and waves in the Gulf of Trieste and Bay of Piran, that MBP is setting up together with our colleagues from the Institute for Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics in Trieste.





 I work mainly in operational physical oceanography, ie. with development of numerical and observational systems for ocean state forecasting (circulation, tidal dynamics, waves, temperatures, salinities, pollutant dispersion).

I am interested in mathematical modelling of pollutant (fuels, plastics) spreading in marine environments.

Appart from scientific interests these pursuits aim at enhancing atmospheric and ocean state forecasts and ensure a higher level of public safety during natural and environmental disasters.






 Link to COBISS, a Slovenian database containing all my publications