Ocean4Biotech Marine Biotechnology Hackathon

Ocean4Biotech Marine Biotechnology Hackathon


Dear colleagues,

Next month (10-11.7.21) we are organizing a 48-hours hackaton with the aim to co-create knowledge and expand our collaborative networks in marine biotechnology. Everyone is invited, regardless of their seniority level or field of expertise. The ocean is vast, so the expertise needed to sustainably valorize it should cover everything, from biology to legal aspects. We are also kindly inviting you to spread the word among your colleagues, peers and students. There will be prizes and opportunities to write future joint publications and prepare for the future Horizon EU (and other) calls. Pass this invitation to any colleagues that might be interested in participating! Registration links are provided at the end of this message.


What is the Marine Biotechnology Innovation Ecosystem (MBIE) Co-Creation Challenge and for whom?


Marine Biotechnology is a science still in its infancy, but it holds a huge research and innovation potential as we discover and learn more about marine organisms. Products and applications are highly diverse, spanning food production, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and wider medical applications. The success of future growth relies on scientific knowledge covering marine life and wider sciences. At the same time, acting responsibly and protecting the ocean and its marine environments is necessary and part of the United Nations Sustainable Goal 14 “life below water”. That is why we need You and your ideas and knowledge to help us define the ingredients of such a Marine Biotechnology Innovation Ecosystem.


COST Action Ocean4Biotech (https://www.ocean4biotech.eu/2021/06/17/join-the-first-ever-hackathon-about-marine-biotechnology/) invites you to join our 48-hour Co-Creation Hackathon Challenge for contributing your knowledge and innovative ideas to identify the ingredients needed for a European Marine Biotechnology Innovation Ecosystem of Excellence!


This is a Co-Creation Challenge Call to all marine-professionals (biotechnologists, oceanographers, microbiologists, biologists, biochemists, biophysicists, epidemiologists, biomedical engineers, medical and clinical scientists, fishers, environmental toxicologists), PhD students, master of business students, start-ups, SMEs, entrepreneurs, investors, marketers, innovation process professionals, science parks, incubators, data scientists, software developers, ecosystem service professionals, policy-makers, ethics professionals, intellectual property professionals and marine environmental enthusiasts from Europe.


Help us co-create a plan for defining a pan-European Marine Biotechnology Innovation Ecosystem to boost the innovation of marine biotechnology and to advance the European Blue Growth.


Why should you get involved?


The ocean is still unexplored. Exploiting the ocean’s natural potential is a vast scientific and business opportunity. More than 30.000 compounds have been discovered from marine organisms and they are used today in medicine, food and other sectors. Marine Biotechnology is a fast-growing Blue Growth area with an estimated revenue of €1 billion in Europe and growing.


We must take responsibility and protect the ocean and its ecosystems at the same time to increase ocean awareness and protect it.


Register now! http://bit.ly/O4BHack