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dr. Dany Morisset Nekdanji zaposleni

Working place: višji znanstveni sodelavec

Department: Oddelek za biotehnologijo in sistemsko biologijo

Short biography

I am an expert in Biotechnology and Molecular Biology with PhD.
Experienced molecular biologist and biochemist, I switched from the field of microbiology (anti-Listeria bacteriocins research) to cancer and inflammation (Serine proteases inhibitors), then to the field of biotechnology applied to Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

My current activities:

- Development of new nucleic acid-based amplification/detection systems with focus on multiplexing and high throughput screening (microarray).
- Management of a European research and development project: GMOseek under the ERANET SAFEFOODERA consortium.
- Policy and technical advisory activities (European Network of GMO Laboratories).
- Set-up of method validations (especially real-time PCR detection methods).

The results of my studies were published on several peer reviewed papers and other media.

I have good experience of multi-cultural job environments (France, Slovenia, and Canada). In professional and private environment, I routinely speak several languages (French, English, and Slovene), and have scholar (5 years) knowledge of Spanish language.
Biotechnology/Molecular Biology Policy and technical adviser Initiation and management of projects Training, Strong aptitude to team-work Experience with working groups requiring different technical and scientific backgrounds


Researcher at National Institute of Biology
October 2005 – Present (4 years)
Manager of the European project GMOseek, under the ERA-NET SAFEFOODERA consortium
Development of new nucleic acid-based amplification methods.
Responsible analyst for GMO diagnostics
Preparation of diagnostics GMO detection method validations
Management of the proficiency tests for validated methods (part of Quality Assurance requests)
Members of several ENGL (European Network of the GMO Laboratories) working groups

Postdoc researcher at Université Laval, Quebec City, Qc, Canada
December 2003 – December 2005 (2 years)
Expression and purification in Yeast of human proteins with potential anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous activities.
Characterisation (biological and structural).
Enzymology, microbiology, Cell Biology, Molecular cloning and Biology, 3D modelling, affinity chromatography, Circular dichroism...

Assistant lecturer and research fellow at Université de Poitiers, France
October 2002 – October 2003 (1 year)
Expression and structure/function studies of recombinant bacteriocins produced in exogenous host. Circular dichroism, molecular cloning, affinity chromatography, exchange chromatography, 3D modelling
Lectures in microbiology, biochemistry (metabolism), biophysics and molecular biology.

PhD fellow and assistant lecturer at Université de Poitiers
October 1999 – October 2002 (3 years)
Expression and structure/function studies of recombinant bacteriocins produced in exogenous host. Circular dichroism, molecular cloning, affinity chromatography, exchange chromatography, 3D modelling
Lectures in microbiology, biochemistry (metabolism), biophysics and molecular biology.


Université and Hospital Laval
Postdoctoral degree, Biotechnology and biochemistry, cell biology
2003 – 2005
    Research project: Production, isolation and characterization of new serine proteinase inhibitors involved in lung inflammation.
Université de Poitiers
PhD, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Biology
1999 – 2003
Research project: Structure/function relationships of the anti-Listeria bacteriocin: mesentericin Y105. Director: Pr Jacques. Frère.
Activities and Societies: Webmaster of the association for PhD students in Biology. Accountant of the PhD students in Biology. PhD student representative in the doctoral school committee. Co-organizer of the Biology students - job meeting days in 2002 and 2003.

Additional Information

Project and team management, applied research and development, professional networking, badminton, reading novels, history and geopolitics

Scientific and Professional Societies or Associations:
European Network of GMO Laboratories (ENGL), Association of Official Agricultural Chemists (AOAC) international, European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO)
Interesting links
The European CoExtra project
EU Joint Research Centre - Institute of Health and Consumer Protection
Community Reference Laboratory for GM Food and Feed
European Network of GMO Laboratories
European Food Safety Authority

Selected bibliography - research papers

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